As we begin a new Church Season beginning with Advent our new theme for our Stewardship Campaign will begin. Our new theme from The Episcopal Network for Stewardship (TENS) is 'More Than Enough'. We will continue our year round campaign,  with Treasure until the end of December; January to March: Time and Talent; April to June: Environment; and July to September: Bring it All Together. Reflections will be posted for all areas of Stewardship and all the Seasons of the Church so please continue to check back.

As we emerge from this period of disruption and isolation in our congregations, we have felt the pain and frustration of distance, of diminished resources, and of our ability to connect in the ways to which we are accustomed. However, as we take inventory of our spiritual resources, the strength of our community, and our capacity for generosity, we realize that there is now, and always has been, More Than Enough.