Contact: Parish Office

A Pre-Authorized Donation is a direct monthly withdrawal, on the 16th of each month, in an amount that you determine. Further information is available on this method of contribution in the information shelving in the front reception area.

By using Pre-Authorized Donations, you would be helping our treasurer and corporation to plan for the months ahead knowing, with some degree of certainty, the future income expected. Can you imagine running your household not knowing what your pay-cheque amount would be from pay to pay? That is how St. Paul’s has to manage month to month, and this can lead to financial uncertainties from time to time. While Pre-Authorized Donations may not work for everyone, if you are using automatic billings for your utilities and such, there would be no difference adding Pre-authorized Donations as your method of regular stewardship towards St. Paul’s ongoing ministries.

Anyone wishing to contribute using Pre-Authorized Donations can download the authorization form (with Q&As) by clicking on the file attachment below or can obtain the form (with Q&As) from Laura Anne Fink at the Parish Office. The authorization form serves three purposes: 

  1. setting up your monthly Pre-Authorized Donation,
  2. changing the monthly amount of your Pre-Authorized Donation, or
  3. cancelling your monthly Pre-Authorized Donation.