Christian Stewardship is a way of life and involves all of us and all that we have. This year we are going to embark on a new Stewardship plan called Year-Round Stewardship. This way we will be focusing on all aspects of Stewardship: Time and Talent, Treasure, and the Environment. We will divide the year into four parts where we will focus on each of the three components of Stewardship and then we will have a bring it all together section.  

We begin with Treasure from October to the end of December (this has us ending the Church year and beginning the nes Church year with Treasurer); in January to March: Time and Talent; in April to June: Environment; and in July to September: Bring it All Together.

Our new campaign from The Episcopal Network for Stewardship is More Than Enough. We begin the new theme in Advent which is the beginning of the new Church year. 

Please read the Theological Statement from TENS by clicking on the download below.