Christian Stewardship is a way of life and involves all of us and all that we have. This year we are going to embark on a new Stewardship plan called Year-Round Stewardship. This way we will be focusing on all aspects of Stewardship: Time and Talent, Treasure, and the Environment. We will divide the year into four parts where we will focus on each of the three components of Stewardship and then we will have a bring it all together section.

We begin with Treasure until the end of December; in January to March: Time and Talent; in April to June: Environment; and in July to September: Bring it All Together.

So let us begin: Every message about our plan begins with Gratitude. Our theme this year, Every Perfect Gift, highlights all the ways in which we have been blessed by God and how that inspires us to give back to our neighbours, our church, the world. In my message to you, I will focus on our gifts of Treasure, the financial gifts that we make to our community to support our mission. This year has been so different from other years in terms of what has been asked of us as individuals and as a community. I want you to know, because I have heard your stories and walked with you this year, that I know some of us are struggling with finances, with isolation, with uncertainty. Over and over again, I learn that it is the God we encounter at our church and Jesus who we follow by recognizing him in each other, that keep us together, that provide the consistency in a shifting world. Every dollar that we raise has a face behind it, a story, a purpose, a mission! We use our financial gifts to serve God, to care for each other, and to show our love for our neighbours. What greater gift can there be? I am grateful for how each of you supports our ministry in our community. If you are ever in doubt about the impact of your giving, look about you. Whether you have seen your church family through a screen this year or in pews as we have been allowed, every person you see is part of the story of your giving. As you consider making your gift or your intention to give this year, I ask that you also consider how you have been impacted, and how you will impact this church and our neighbours. What is the story of your gift, how will it unfold? How will your blessing be a blessing to others? This is the spirit behind our theme of Every Perfect Gift. This year I invite you to make your perfect gift, reflective of the gifts you have received from our Creator.

An explanation of this year's campaign theme is available below.

Pledge Cards are available to help St. paul's in our financial stewardship. When a person or household signs a pledge card for support, they are making a statement. A signed pledge card is a sign of commitment to the church and before the Lord. It also helps our Parish leadership as they craft the budget, because it helps us forecast giving. A copy of this year's Pledge Card is available below. Please send a copy of your completed card to our envelope secretary ( or drop off at the office.

Sincerely, Laura Anne Stewardship Coordinator