Contact: Dinah Breu 

The main purpose of the Prayer Group is to under gird the Parish with prayer.

We meet every Monday night in the chapel at St. Paul's from 7:30- 8:30 PM. Exceptions are long weekends, the time between Christmas and New Year and bad weather (in which case we pray at home).   We do not include a social or coffee time because we feel that takes away from our focus which is prayer.

The group has found a pattern that works well for us. When we arrive, we share any requests with one another. We take turns leading (only if one is comfortable doing so). The leader begins the prayers and then others pray for the various needs and requests that have been brought to us. It is not necessary to pray aloud. Prayers in this group are not formal (as in Sunday Services), but are more in line with what Rosalind Rinker's book called "conversational prayer"-having a conversation with the Lord. The leader signals that Prayer Time is coming to a close by leading the group in the Lord's Prayer after which we say "the Grace". Responsibility for the group is shared by all its members. We do not have a "leader" as such.  Confidentiality is our only rule. We do not discuss prayer requests outside the group with anyone, anytime.

Everyone in the parish is welcome to attend. At this time we have six who attend regularly and sometimes one or two more. You are welcome to come to see if it is for you, to come on a drop-in basis, or to come for prayer for yourself. We would be more than happy to have you join us. Even if you have never belonged to a prayer group, it is still alright to come!