Deuteronomy 8:7-18, Psalm 65, Luke 17:11-19
Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost - Thanksgiving Sunday
Today's Thanksgiving Service of Holy Eucharist was live streamed on our main Facebook page at 9:30 am today. Unfortunately, it cut out after 41 minutes. Here's a link to what was posted: Fortunately, the Service was also recorded on a back-up camera. The Service in its entirety from this camera, is what's posted here on our website above. Please download the Order of Service if you'd like to follow along. What a special Thanksgiving Service we’re sharing! It’s our first Service with an in-person congregation since March 8th. There are hymns of Thanksgiving galore, with our own Choir (recorded) and a Choir from the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York! Paul is playing live on the keyboard during Communion, and we’re having a heavy organ rendering during our Offertory. There’s a Children’s Talk, with lots of fun images on the screens. Stacy is reading the First Lesson. Dinah is leading the Prayers of the People, which will include a “Prayer in Response to COVID-19” from the World Council of Churches. And we’re sharing Communion – spiritual (which we’ve been sharing since Easter) AND physical! What a most wonderful outpouring of love, of thanksgiving and praise, to our most AWESOME God it will be; what a most wonderful uniting of hearts and minds and souls! How wonderful it will be to share it together!