We are a group of junior and senior high school students who are working together to bring God’s love into our wider community by volunteering together at various Calgary organizations. 

Sign up is ongoing throughout the year - email youthvolunteer@stpaulscalgary.ca to become a member and receive updates and opportunities to attend events.

An archive of photos from our activities is available on our website -  Click here.


Thank you to all POP members for their participation and enthusiasm during the 2023-2024 year. Together we were able to make a difference in many lives through our various community volunteer events. Stay tuned for changes next year that will make it easier to attend the events you are interested in.  We will be having the summer off and sign up for 2024-2025 will happen in September with events resuming shortly after that.

1.  Year end survey open now.  Please complete to provide essential feedback to allow continued growth of this group.  Survey link
2.  Jun 9, 2024 (at the end of the Sunday service):  Presentation to the congregation (a short slide show of our events this year) and to participants (they will receive a certificate of appreciation).  If you are willing to help with the presentation please email Laura at youthvolunteer@stpaulscalgary.ca
3.  Jun 23, 2024 (late afternoon):  Volunteer appreciation event - Escape Room!  Eligible members (those who signed up for and participated in one off-site volunteer event this year) will receive an invite soon. 



1. September 2004: Sign up opportunity for the 2024/2025 year. Watch for exciting changes for next year that will make it even easier to participate in volunteer opportunities you are interested in.

Other opportunities for interested youth:
Youth representative on Parish Council:  provide a youth perspective to the St. Paul’s leadership team.  Meetings are monthly, currently by Zoom, on the 2nd Tues of each month (7-9pm).  No reports or additional requirements, just a willingness to share a youth perspective on relevant church issues.

  Come and make a difference in our world!

Gain experience and build your resume at the same time!   


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Email:  youthvolunteer@stpaulscalgary.ca