Exciting News! St Paul's Church is rolling out the welcome mat for youth ages 10-18.

At St. Paul's our mission is to create a space for our youth to be authentically themselves, encouraging them to embrace their passions, quirks, and questions, to learn to love and care for one another.

Expect epic board game tournaments, nacho parties, cook-offs, baking showdowns, guest speakers, comedy hour, movie marathons, and so much more!

No prior church experience needed - BUT a love for good company and tasty treats is highly recommened!

Join us the first Friday of each month to share in this ministry.

Bring your friends!

Youth Volunteer Group.

Laura is leading a group of youth volunteers named Pioneers of Paul for Junior and Senior High aged youth.  Follow this link for more information about upcoming meetings and events.

Check out our Youth Group Facebook page to see more details about what's happening:

St. Paul's Calgary Youth Facebook Page