Genesis 32:22-31, Matthew 14:13-21
Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

We're marking Heritage Weekend at St. Paul's in a number of ways this Sunday. Our Liturgy is in the traditional Book of Common Prayer (BAS, p. 230). In our Children's Time, Readings from Holy Scripture, and Homily, we focus on how our wrestling with God can enable us to grow and go beyond our own strength and resources, and rely on the Lord as the bread of life, so that we may know our heritage as Christians - love and life that overflow in superabundance for us and for all. During our Offertory, we listen to a contemporary Christian artist from Nigeria, in honour of the members of our Parish family who share this heritage. We also have a song on guitar as part of our Children's Time, and we're blessed to have our Choir lead us in two congregational hymns.